Passengers Trapped on Albuquerque Tramway Rescued by Fire Crews

Emergency responders worked on January 1 to rescue 21 people trapped overnight on the Sandia Peak Tramway in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The general manager of the tramway told local station KOAT that employees were forced to halt the service on Friday evening because of “severe icing” that impacted cabling. Footage recorded on Saturday showed the Sandia Mountains decked in a layer of ice and snow.

On Saturday afternoon, authorities reported that all the passengers — staff of the tramway and a restaurant located at its terminus — had been rescued.

“All 21 people and rescuers are off the mountain with no injuries,” the Bernalillo County Fire Department wrote in a tweet. “Way to start the New Year off right!!”

This video, taken around midnight by Collen Elvidge, shows passengers in one of the gondolas that remained stuck overnight. Elvidge said she is an employee of Ten 3, a restaurant located atop the tramway in the Sandia Mountains. She thanked rescue teams for their efforts, saying they “handled everything extremely diligently, professionally, and tactfully!” Credit: Colleen Elvidge via Storyful

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