Passersby Rush to Help Ohio Police Officer Attacked During Traffic Stop

Police in Willoughby, Ohio, released footage of an officer receiving help from passing motorists as she was attacked by a man she pulled over during a traffic stop on September 10.

According to the incident report, Willoughby Police Officer Stacee Wright pulled over a man driving a Chevrolet on Lost Nation Road around 4:24 pm on September 10. Wright said the man was traveling at 57 mph in a 35 mph zone.

Footage shows Wright engaging with the driver, identified as David Koubeck, through a window before Koubeck exits the car. Koubeck is seen pushing Wright and physically attacking her, at one point striking the officer in the face.

One man runs across the road to help and the pair manage to detain Koubeck. Additional members of the public come to help pin the man to the ground, as another officer arrives with cuffs.

Wright transported herself to the hospital and was discharged with minor injuries, according to her own statement.

On top of the initial speeding ticket, Koubeck was charged with assault on a police officer and resisting arrest. He was booked at Willoughby Police Department and transferred to the Lake County Jail, police said. Credit: Willoughby Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript


STACEE WRIGHT: K 12 radio traffic stop.

- K 12.

STACEE WRIGHT: Lost Nation in the airport with Tom, Henry, Ocean, Robert, Edward, one.



STACEE WRIGHT: Hello. [INAUDIBLE] will be placed on it. We're only stopping you for speed-- 57 in a 35.


STACEE WRIGHT: You were going 57 in a 35, sir. Do you have your driver's license, proof of insurance? Why are you getting out of the car, sir?

DAVID KOUBECK: Because I gotta get my driver's license.

STACEE WRIGHT: 12 radio, this male just stepped out of the vehicle. Step over here, now. Have a seat on the ground. Have a seat.

DAVID KOUBECK: I'm not sitting. (YELLS) I'm not sitting.

STACEE WRIGHT: Back off. Back off.

DAVID KOUBECK: (YELLS) I'm not sitting.

STACEE WRIGHT: Put your hands behind your back.

DAVID KOUBECK: I'm not sitting.

STACEE WRIGHT: I will tase you, sir. Touch the vehicle. Put your hands on the [MUTED] vehicle, now.

- What the-- Son of a--

STACEE WRIGHT: Radio, send me a unit. Roll over on your stomach, now.



- Knock it off, man. Knock it off, now. Get your arm behind you.

STACEE WRIGHT: Put your hands behind your back. Jason, get your cuffs. Get your cuffs. Get your cuffs.

- Shut up. Shut up.

STACEE WRIGHT: You don't do that to a woman. Do you understand me? Cop or not, you don't do that to a woman.

- You're right. [INAUDIBLE]

STACEE WRIGHT: You don't do that to a woman. [INAUDIBLE]

- Male is detained at this time. [INAUDIBLE]

STACEE WRIGHT: Roll on your side. Get up. Stand up. Walk back to my car.