Passport waiting times and how to renew yours faster if you are going on holiday this year

You can renew your passport through a fast track process
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If your passport is running out soon and you are planning to go on holiday this summer, there is a way to get your new one faster.

The Home Office says on its website that you'll "usually get your passport within three weeks". And it may take even less than this, according to an unofficial source.

Independent organisation Passportwaitingtime says it provides "daily updates of the average UK Passport wait time". It is also petitioning for Government to introduced a "renew by" date inside UK passports which would "clearly indicate the latest date by which a passport should be renewed".

Its latest update suggests the average waiting time for a UK passport is 10.89 days, reports the Liverpool Echo. When asked, the Home Office said it would not comment on anything other than its own published guidance, so it's probably better to apply for your passport sooner rather than later if you are travelling abroad this year.

How to get a passport faster

If you need your passport as soon as possible, there are a number of ways you can speed up the processing time, but you will have to attend an appointment at your closest passport office. There is one in Durham.

One week fast track

You will have to take documents to the appointment and your new passport will be sent to you a week after.

You can use this service to:

  • Renew an adult or child passport

  • Change your name on your passport (for example with a marriage certificate or deed poll)

  • Make changes to your personal details on your passport (for example, your gender)

  • Replace a lost, stolen or damaged passport

  • Apply for a first child passport

This costs £166 for an adult passport (or £178.50 for a 54 page frequent traveller passport, or £135.50 for a child passport (or £147.50 for a 54 page frequent traveller passport). You can book an appointment here.

Online premium service

You can use the online premium service where the appointment lasts up to 30 minutes and this service is to renew an adult passport - but the earliest you'll be able to get an appointment is in two days time, according to See more here.

You will get your new passport at your appointment, but you can only use this service to renew an adult passport. It costs £207.50 (or £219.50 for a 54 page frequent traveller passport).

If you need a passport urgently due essential reasons

If you need to travel urgently for a passport for medical treatment or because a friend or family member is seriously ill or has died, call the ‘Passport Adviceline’ instead.