Patrick Stewart is applying for US citizenship to 'fight' Donald Trump

Helena Horton
Patrick Stewart made the claim on The View - Copyright (c) 2017 Rex Features. No use without permission.

Patrick Stewart has said he is applying for US citizenship in order to "fight" Donald Trump.

On The View, he said that because of the recent election he has decided to apply for citizenship in order to join the resistance against the President.

“I’m not a [U.S.] citizen,”the actor said.

“However, there is, maybe it’s the only good thing, as the result of this election: I am now applying for citizenship. Because I want to be an American too.”

“All of my friends in Washington said, ‘There is one thing you can do. Fight, fight, oppose, oppose,’” Mr Stewart said. 

He made the comments after being asked about a tweet in which he wrote: "Had the worst sleep of my life last night. But I was sleeping less than 300 yds from where Donald Trump sleeps. Could there be a connection?"

Mr Stewart told The View hosts it was a "fairly innocent" tweet that didn't "directly insult your president".

Whoopi Goldberg shrugged it off, saying "not mine".

When host Joy Behar asked the actor whether the UK would take President Trump off America's hands, he said "We have our own problems."

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