Patriots didn't draft a quarterback, but still haven't shown interest in free agent Cam Newton

At some point, we’ll wrap our heads around the fact that the New England Patriots seem very comfortable with Jarrett Stidham replacing Tom Brady.

The Patriots didn’t draft a quarterback. They haven’t signed anyone, other than Brian Hoyer. There is a former NFL MVP on the market, who will be just 31 years old next season, and the Patriots haven’t shown any interest in him.

Former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has a better résumé than Stidham, Hoyer or anyone else the Patriots could acquire to replace Brady. But if that move is going to happen, the Patriots are playing it very, very cool.

Patriots haven’t reached out to Cam Newton

The Athletic’s Jeff Howe reported in March, after Newton was released, that the Patriots hadn’t shown any interest.

On Monday, after the NFL draft, Howe reported that nothing has changed and the Patriots have still shown no interest in Newton.

The Patriots are notoriously private so it could be possible they’re moving in extreme secrecy. Perhaps they’re waiting to pounce on Andy Dalton if and when he’s cut by the Cincinnati Bengals. Anything is possible with the Patriots because they operate in a different way than the rest of the NFL.

That’s why it shouldn’t be so surprising if they’re just fine rolling with what they have at quarterback.

The Patriots reportedly have not reached out to former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome, File)

New England seems content at QB

The Patriots drafted a Division II safety, a couple edge defenders, two tight ends, a kicker, three offensive lineman and a linebacker. That’s 10 picks and no quarterback. The Patriots signed a couple of undrafted free agent quarterbacks, but let’s not act like the Patriots are going to have an undrafted rookie replace Brady.

The Patriots could go with Stidham or Hoyer or have a move coming, but it doesn’t seem there is some monumental move coming. If the Patriots wanted Newton, they’d have called already (and it’s always possible they have and we don’t know it). Newton’s search for a new team probably will end up with him signing as a backup. There aren’t any starting spots available for him if New England isn’t interested.

Newton and the Patriots would be an intriguing fit. But it doesn’t seem we’ll get to see it.

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