Patriots draft QB Bailey Zappe in the 4th Round | PFF Draft Show

The PFF team discusses the New England Patriots selection of WKU QB Bailey Zappe in the 4th Round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Video transcript

- The New England Patriots.

- No.

- Bailey Zappe he comes off the board before Sam Howell.

- Woo!

- To the New England Patriots.

- It's got to be an off the field stuff with Howell. I'm not saying he's like a bad person or anything. I think it's got to be something that they just didn't like in the meeting rooms or something like that. In the same way that a lot of guys get pushed up, I think Herbert, looking back at it a couple of years ago, is like a mid first round, late first round talent based on his production in college, gets pushed up. Because I think they put him on the board and they saw that he's pretty much a genius. So like Howell is kind of clearly going the other way. I'm not saying he's an idiot or anything like that, I'm just like clearly going the wrong way.

- Let's chat-- let's chat about Bailey Zappe really quick because I do want to talk a little bit more about Sam Howell and where we might see him go off the board. But Bailey Zappe, incredible production from West Kentucky. Coming over from Houston Baptist. Zach Ely as offensive coordinator, was his offensive coordinator at Houston Baptist as was his leading wide receiver, Jerreth Sterns. All three of them move over to Western Kentucky and they just take that explosive offense and continue to thrive at that level. What do we like about Bailey Zappe? Mike, we'll start with you.

- The production's at state, I mean, broke the single season passing record for yardage and touchdowns. Obviously just that offense was him every play. He knew it was going to be on him and so he has a fairly solid arm. You know nothing special, but I put it at like Kenny Pickett's level in terms of arm strength.

- Would you say that he's better than Mac Jones?

- Yeah, I'd say it's better than Mac Jones.

- Oh, Mac Jones in the hot seat.

- What makes you think he has a stronger arm than him?

- Mac Jones in the hot seat.

- Come on.

- Works all levels of the football field. I do think he can operate a pocket quick with the football. Quick decisions in that offense. Obviously has a ton of history passing the football, but man, he did not face pressure. It was, you know, a collegey offense. 12.9% of his drop backs he was under pressure last year. When he was under pressure, it wasn't particularly good and he is purely pocket guy. I'm not going to go much more than that.

- I think this is a great backup for Mac Jones.

- Yeah, high and backups.

- Very, very good. He was a day three pick the whole way.

- Yeah, starter insurance.

- Yeah. Bailey Zappe was a day three prospect the entire way. I mean, he does have very good accuracy. He can put good touch on the football. You know, that's what you want from a backup quarterback, right? You want someone that can just if they need to come in, you can kind of survive there. Now he's not going to do anything when the play starts to break down. That's not his game at all whatsoever. I mean, he had some of the most absurd clean pockets I've ever seen him ever. It's like Zach Wilson, BYU-esque that Seth absolutely loves.


- I was going to bring it up.

- The same type of stuff there, but you know, it's a good backup there that I think will, you know, kind of have-- I wouldn't be surprised he has like a Chase Daniel type of career.