Paul Mescal Has a Surprising "Ick" When He's Dating Someone

 Paul Mescal walking and smiling.
Paul Mescal walking and smiling.

If you want to date All Of Us Strangers star Paul Mescal—and who doesn't?—you might have to conquer your fear of the dark.

In a LADbible interview, Mescal and his costar Andrew Scott answered a variety of nonsensical questions about their preferences and interests. One such question asked the actors whether or not they agreed with the statement "Someone running up the stairs on all fours would give me the ick."

Surprisingly, neither star had a problem with the visual, particularly if the person in question was doing it as part of a bit. Mescal, however, took things a step further, describing another scenario where he has a problem with the way someone walks up the stairs.

"Do you know what gives me more of an ick, because I think we all do it, is if you were like, 'Oh, I'm just gonna go down and turn off the lights.' And they're being all chill and then you hear them accelerate up the stairs because they're scared," the actor said. "I think we'd all do it. But I think if I was trying to impress someone I'd, like, smoothly walk up the stairs."

There you have it. If you want to impress the Normal People star, walk up the stairs slowly in the dark.

As for Mescal's actual dating life, the actor was previously linked to Phoebe Bridgers before the duo split in December 2022. Mescal has reportedly joined the dating app world since then, but he's still single (as far as the public knows, at least). If you're a confident stair-climber, it's time to shoot your shot.