Paul O'Grady talks friendship with Tom Hardy: ‘We text each other’

Emma Powell
Good mates: Tom Hardy and Paul O'Grady struck up a friendship: Niklas Halle'n/AFP/Getty

Paul O’Grady has revealed Tom Hardy’s number is in his phonebook and that they often message one another.

The unlikely duo formed a friendship after bonding over their love of dogs when Hardy made an appearance on O’Grady’s ITV show, For The Love of Dogs.

According to Heat magazine, O’Grady said: “Ah, he's lovely. Such a great fella. Tom's not like a film star at all.

“He likes coming down to Battersea to hang out with the dogs.

Good friends: Tom Hardy and Paul O'Grady bonded over their love of dogs

“People come in to look at the dogs and you see them staring at him thinking ‘Is that Tom Hardy?’. I have his number and, yes, we text each other.”

O’Grady has a handful of famous names stored under code names in his phonebook – but joked that he struggles to remember who is who.

“Yes [everyone has a code name] and I can’t remember who half the people are,” he said.

“Cilla [Black] was always Cauliflower for some reason.

“I think Alan Carr is Andy Pandy. So if you find a phone with Andy Pandy in you know who you’re calling.”

Hardy made a guest appearance on O’Grady’s show in 2015 when he joined the TV presenter at Battersea Dogs and Cats home.

The Hollywood star won over viewers as he played around with the canine companions and was introduced to a dog called Titch.

“All dogs are great but sometimes you connect with one, immediately,” he said as he gave the playful pup a smooch.

“Titch is cut from my very fabric. He feels like an extension already of me and my family.”