Paul Pelosi ‘doing better’ after hammer attack, says Joe Biden

Joe Biden has condemned the attack on Paul Pelosi  (Getty Images)
Joe Biden has condemned the attack on Paul Pelosi (Getty Images)

Paul Pelosi, the husband of US house of representatives speaker Nancy, is “doing better” after being attacked with a hammer - according to Joe Biden.

The country’s president told reporters on Saturday that Mr Pelosi needed surgery after the intruder broke into the couple’s home in San Francisco. The 82-year-old suffered a fractured skull and injuries to his right arm and hands in the ordeal, with the attacker reportedly looking for his wife - who was in Washington at the time.

Mr Biden urged political leaders to condemn “political violence” in his press briefing.

"The chant was: 'Where's Nancy?'" Mr Biden said previously, calling the attack "despicable”.

US President Joe Biden (PA Wire)
US President Joe Biden (PA Wire)

David DePape, 42, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, elder abuse and burglary, police said.

"This was not a random act. This was intentional. And it's wrong," San Francisco Police Chief William Scott said.

The violence was the latest jolt to an increasingly splintered political system that is riven with extremism.

Mr Biden also used his briefing to say that Russia’s alleged halt to a grain deal with Ukraine is “outrageous”. On Saturday, Russian defence ministry announced the suspension of the vital UN-brokered grain export deal which has seen more than nine million tons exported from Ukraine and brought down global food prices.