Paul Priestman: Keynote speech

There’s a lot we can learn from the rest of the world, but London can still lead the world in electric transport. That was the message from industrial designer Paul Priestman in his opening keynote to a room of experts at the Evening Standard’s Plug It In Summit on November 24 at London’s Design Museum.

During his speech, Priestman - who is best known for designing London’s electric tube trains during his time at PriestmanGoode, the agency he co-founded - turned his attention to ideas for electric cars and scooters. He drew on his extensive experience of transport from around the world, particularly battery swapping schemes in Korea, China and Rwanda.

Could such schemes be implemented here, perhaps using existing infrastructure such as phone boxes or corner shops?

The Plug It In Summit 2022 was the first live event bringing together the Evening Standard’s editorial team, commercial partners and hundreds of experts from across the electric motoring landscape, from thought leaders to manufacturers, law makers to green lobbyists and even flying car designers. Look out for more updates on future news and events at