Paw Patrol: The Movie review – The pups move to new city in cartoon's first movie

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Length: 90 minutes
Director: Cal Brunker
Cast: Iain Armitage, Marsai Martin, Ron Pardo, Will Brisbin

In theatres 26 August (Singapore)

3.5 out of 5 stars


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Featuring a young boy named Ryder (Will Brisbin) and his crew of search and rescue dogs, children’s television animated series Paw Patrol makes its debut on the silver screen with Paw Patrol: The Movie. This time, the story moves away from Adventure Bay, where the series was set in, and lands on Adventure City, where Mayor Humdinger (Ron Pardo) is up to no good again.

Although Paw Patrol is an animated series targeted at children, the movie is entertaining enough to be enjoyed by adults. Even if you have never watched the series, it is not difficult to keep up with the story and characters. In fact, the movie does it well by featuring what each of the pups is in charge of through different rescue cases. It shows how it takes team effort to solve problems, and when one solution does not work, there are other ways to do things.

Paw Patrol: The Movie
Paw Patrol: The Movie

Spicing up the movie is a new character: a female Dachshund named Liberty (Marsai Martin). Living in Adventure City, Liberty is more than familiar with the people and roads, becoming an important ally for the Paw Patrol. Although Liberty may be a supporting character, her presence is not only the reason why Paw Patrol is in Adventure City, but also crucial in helping one of the the pup Chase resolve past conflicts.

Most of the series’ voice actors reprised their roles in the movie as well, such as Kingsley Marshall as Marshall the firefighting Dalmatian, Keegan Hedley as Rubble the construction bulldog, Shayle Simons as Zuma the aquatic rescue Labrador retriever, Lilly Bartlam as Skye the aviator cockapoo, and Ron Pardo as Mayor Humdinger. However, Iain Armitage has replaced Justin Paul Kelly as Chase the police German Shepherd; Will Brisbin has replaced Beckett Hipkiss as Ryder the leader of Paw Patrol; and Callum Shoniker has replaced Jackson Reid as Rocky the recycling mongrel.

Chase undergoes substantial character development, which is nice for a relatively simple and straightforward children’s show. It would be interesting to see more feature films from the series focusing on the other five pups.

All in all, Paw Patrol: The Movie is a great option for families, keeping not just the little ones engaged, but also the adults entertained.

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