I pay my 3 kids to go to school — people shame me for it but I do what it takes

Mom pays kids
Mom pays kids

It pays to be a kid.

A mom said that she had so much trouble getting her kids to go to school in the morning she’s started paying them — and online trolls are shaming her method, the Sun reported. 

Kelly, a mom of three, posted a video to her TikTok page this week detailing her controversial parenting method that has garnered more than 15,000 views.

“It’s our first day back at school since before Christmas. Just wanted to share with you this little incentive we are putting together,” she said in her video.

She said the goal she set for her kids is for them to get $2.50 a day.

They pocket $1.25 for getting dressed correctly and another $1.25 for going to school without having a tantrum.

In the video, one of her kids got the full $2.53 whereas her second child lost 62 cents for having a little “wobble” at school. Her third tot lost $1.27 because he didn’t get dressed properly, but he got $1.27 for “going to school nicely.”

“I know [$12.67] a week per child might seem a lot to some,” she continued.

“Everyone’s circumstances are different. We have had a real battle with school with two of my children, one of whom has not accessed education for almost two years,” she explained.

Her money method is just “doing whatever it takes to make sure everything goes smoothly,” she said.

“They will get this at the end of the week — this is in place of any shop trips after school. Let’s see how they do,” she explained.

Some of Kelly’s followers shared their 2 cents and applauded Kelly’s method.

“I think this is a good thing to do, with doing jobs as well like little ones be good,” one said.

Others were more skeptical of its benefits.

“So we are now PAYING kids to go to school???” one commenter wrote.

To which Kelly replied: “Correct. If you had the struggles we had, you would do the same.”

In a follow-up video, she noted that she deleted some negative comments and bemoaned that moms were criticizing her decision. That clip has 118,000 views.

“I’m actually quite shocked at how many people have messaged and said they actually do this for their children,” she said.

“I did have to delete quite a few of the negative comments. What works for one does not always work for the other,” she added.

In another video, she explained in detail why she adopted the money method.

“For the past 21 months, we have had so many battles getting him into school,” she said of one son.

“He’s now on his second trial school, and he managed, just before Christmas, to complete his first full day in school in almost two years. He has massive anxiety around school. He is on the spectrum somewhere,” she explained.

She said that since this method has been the only thing that’s worked thus far, she’ll continue.

Some followers supported her in the comments.

“Amazing idea!! Us parents gotta do what we gotta do to have an ‘easier’ school morning! If there is such a thing with having children,” one wrote.

“My 2-year-old had a spell of not staying in bed all night and ending up in mine. I gave him money for staying in bed overnight. Works a charm!” another chimed in.