Pay for your whisky cocktails with a selfie at this London bar

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Often, if you Google ‘whisky drinker’, you’ll get a whole raft of photographs of white men, sipping away at a whisky on the rocks in an appropriate looking tumbler.

Now, a new campaign aims to counteract this image, by infiltrating search engine algorithms and purposefully planting pictures of a more diverse crowd, in order to change this perception.

The campaign has been launched as part of  #BreakTheStereotype, at the London bar Coupette, where you can choose a cocktail from their menu, and upload a photograph of yourself drinking it - literally paying for your beverage with a selfie.

Also, the change aims to echo the fact that around a third of whisky drinkers are also women.

A portion of proceeds from each cocktail purchased beyond the complimentary drink will be donated to Equal Measures, an organisation that strives for greater equity for ethnic minorities and marginalised groups in hospitality.

There’ll be a choice between four whisky-based cocktails, in order to reflect London’s contemporary and eclectic tastes.

London bar Coupette
London bar Coupette

Each of the cocktails offers a twist on a classic whisky number, including the Banana & Coffee Manhattan, which uses The Glenlivet’s Caribbean Reserve, mixed with acidified bold brew coffee, banana bread distillate and banana syrup.

And how can you pay? You pay by simply uploading one of your selfies alongside the hashtag.

The event is taking place all week (until June 19), and all the organisers ask is that you head down to Coupette, choose a cocktail from its #BreakTheStereotype menu, and upload a picture of yourself holding the drink.

And, make sure not to forget to add the hashtag #BreakTheStereotype and @theglenlivet!

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