Pedestrians sent fleeing after pair of birds target and attack passersby on Montreal street

Terrified pedestrians fled after a pair of angry birds targeted and attacked several passersby on a street in Montreal, Canada.

Aya Chraibi, 25, captured multiple attacks from the angry bird duo which sent at least four people running up and down the street in panic.

Finance analyst Aya grabbed her camera after her fiancé returned from the local store and told her that he had been attacked.

Aya and her fiancé, who live in the Old Port area of the city, revealed protective local blackbirds, known as carouges epaulettes or red-winged blackbird, nest in the area.

She said: "Earlier that morning my fiancé went to pick up bread from the convenience store and got attacked.

"I honestly didn't believe him, but he insisted. Later on we kept on hearing people screaming outside throughout the whole day.

"So we basically sat on our balcony and watched people getting attacked.

"I never experienced this, but people commented on my video saying that this happened to them before and not understanding why!

"What struck me the most is that the bird did not miss one single pedestrian!

"It positions himself in a strategical way so it sees who’s approaching the tree. I guess those birds are overprotective of their nest."

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