Pelco family responds

Mar. 30—In the wake of the highly publicized sentencing of Phil Albert, the owners of Pelco Structural LLC said they are still proud to be part of Claremore.

"After terminating our former President [Phil Albert], we've managed to overcome numerous challenges and setbacks, many of which were a result of concealed malfeasance," Steve and Brandon Parduhn said in a written statement. "We continue to quietly rebuild and reload our team and manufacturing capabilities."

The Parduhn family believes the charges against Albert, and the conviction focused on just a few years of Albert's "nefarious actions and elaborate concealment," requires prison time and restitution.

Albert's recent conviction and sentencing on tax evasion changes focuses on his grift between 2016 and April 2019. The Parduhns said their findings point to impropriety going back to 2005.

"Other civil and criminal liabilities for Albert do not go away because of the federal conviction. We will need some time to sort out the ruling, what is means for us and where we might go from here," they wrote. "Our local focus will continue to make our business better in every aspect, whether it be employees, customers, or the products we proudly manufacture with skilled Oklahoma talent. We are proud to be a part of Claremore and are grateful for a fantastic team that's putting us in a position to do great things."

William "Bill" Cralley is the current president/general manager of Pelco.