Penguin chick arrives at Sewerby Hall – new grandchild of the famous Rosie

New penguin with dad Sigsbee
-Credit: (Image: East Riding of Yorkshire Council)

A delightful little penguin chick has been born at Sewerby Hall & Gardens, marking the third grandchild of the late Rosie, who was one of the world's oldest Humbolt penguins.

The eight-week-old chick arrived on Easter Monday, 8 April, sharing the same birthday as its one year old sister, Crackle.

The newborn Humbolt penguin is currently being nurtured in its nest by proud parents Twinnie and Sigsbee, and hasn't yet made a public appearance for zoo visitors. In addition to Crackle, the pair also have another daughter, Pickle, who was born in 2021.

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Zookeepers are still unable to determine if the new arrival is male or female, as it's too early to confirm. The chick remains unnamed for now, but locals are invited to propose names on the Sewerby Hall & Gardens' Facebook page.

Head zookeeper, John Pickering, said: “Twinnie and Sigsbee are both doing a wonderful job rearing the chick by themselves and it is doing fantastically well. For a little while longer, the chick will remain snuggled in the nest being looked after by their parents.

“We know that our visitors will be eager to catch a glimpse of the cute arrival, but they’ll have to be patient for a few more weeks until the chick is ready to venture out and leave the nest. Chicks are reared on the nest for between 70-90 days until they have lost their baby feathers, grown their juvenile plumage, and are big enough to explore the big wide world.

“In the meantime, we kindly request that our visitors respect the privacy of the penguin parents and maintain a considerate distance around the nest during this precious time. We will keep you all updated on the progress of our penguins and the special milestones of our new addition.”

Rosie, the grandmother of the baby chick and one of the world's oldest Humboldt penguins, passed away last March, only weeks before her 33rd birthday. Her passing gained attention internationally, including in the USA.