PennDOT: CSVT impacting traffic volume on regional routes

Jan. 12—The opening of the northern section of the Central Susquehanna Valley Transportation project has had a significant impact in reducing traffic on local routes according to data released this week from PennDOT.

The new highway opened to traffic in July 2022, and updated traffic counts, performed in October 2023 found that the CSVT River Bridge is carrying roughly 16,000 vehicles per day, including 3,800 trucks. These latest counts show that more motorists are using the new bridge in October 2023 than in October 2022, when initial counts found roughly 12,000 vehicles per day, including 3,100 trucks, were using the new river bridge.

Northumberland Borough Police Chief C.L. "Butch" Kriner said "traffic has slowed down, especially truck traffic."

Borough Business Manager Ann Zartman agreed with Kriner. On Thursday, she said, "I'm being subjective, but I definitely find it easier to make turns onto Route 405, whereas before it might take a while. Definitely less traffic."

Updated counts on other area highways appear to confirm that CSVT has removed substantial volumes of north-south through traffic from both Route 15 in Lewisburg Borough and Route 405 (formerly Route 147) in Northumberland Borough when compared to counts taken before CSVT was constructed. Compared to initial counts performed in October 2022 (four months after the new CSVT highway opened), the latest counts found that traffic volumes on Route 15 were further reduced, while traffic volumes on Route 405 were unchanged from those taken in 2022.

"We are happy to see the data showing that the CSVT Northern Section is removing through traffic from local communities as intended," said District Executive Eric High. "Separating through traffic from local traffic not only reduces congestion and accommodates growth, but also improves safety. We look forward to seeing additional similar benefits in Shamokin Dam Borough and the surrounding area in Snyder County when the CSVT Southern Section is opened to traffic in a few years."