Pennsylvania Man Rescues Fawn From Floodwaters

A man rescued a drenched fawn after he and his wife discovered it alone in floodwater on their north Pennsylvania property on July 12.

Kristen Beals, who shot this footage, told Storyful she and her husband, Russel, found the baby deer while checking their property for damage following “a horrible flash flood.”

“We didn’t make it far before we realized we were flooded in all around us,” Beals said. “That was when my husband spotted the baby deer.”

In the video, Russel Beals approaches the fawn, lifts it from the water and carries it back to their vehicle. Kristen Beals said that after taking the fawn to their home, her father-in-law told them he had seen it and its mother near where it was found.

“This location thankfully was on higher ground away from the flooding,” Beals said. “When my husband released him, he started to follow him. It was so sweet. But then I was worried he wasn’t going to stop.” Credit: Kristen Beals via Storyful

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