Pennsylvania National Guard Assembles Thousands of Packages for Pittsburgh Food Bank

The Pennsylvania National Guard helped pack thousands of boxes for a Pittsburgh-area food bank as the needy waited in a line that “stretched for miles” on Monday, April 6, local media reported.

The Pennsylvania National Guard said it helped package 3,400 food boxes for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank on Monday to support residents struggling with the economic impacts of the coronavirus. The guard said the food bank served more than 860 cars on Monday during a three-hour period.

Guard members also helped assemble 3,200 boxes on Friday for the food bank, located in Duquesne, a city within the Pittsburgh metropolitan area.

Local media said rows of cars lined up for miles on Monday, with some drivers waiting hours to get food.

“The soldiers also helped distribute food to all the people in vehicles who anxiously awaited the opportunity to receive the food assistance,” the Pennsylvania National Guard said on Facebook.

This video shows food boxes quickly being sent down the assembly line by Pennsylvania National Guard members wearing gloves and masks. The effort was a joint operation including the guard’s 128th Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, and 28th Infantry Division. Credit: 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 28th Infantry Division via Storyful