Pennsylvania Trashman Rescues Three Kittens From Garbage Truck

A trashman found a trio of live kittens in his garbage truck in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania, videos posted to social media on May 10 show.

Terence Taylor filmed these videos showing him finding the kittens after hearing meowing from the back of his truck.

“Come here little baby. Oh god, I got you,” Taylor says in the video as he picks up one of the kittens.

He then double-checks the trash and discovers another live kitten. "Oh, Jesus Christ, there’s another one, " Taylor says in the video as he rescues the second cat.

Taylor wrote in a TikTok post that he found three kittens that day. Taylor took the cats home and began taking care of them, a video posted to his TikTok shows. Credit: Terence Taylor via Storyful

Video transcript

- A trash man.


Oh, come here, buddy.

Dude, it never fails. Come here. Come here. Come here, little baby. Come here. Oh God. Oh God.


Yep, here we go again. Aww, I've gotcha. We'll see if we have a little brothers or sisters in there.

Yep, I just-- Just when I thought that was it, no. That's why I double check. There's another one. Come here. Come here. Oh, Jesus Christ. There's another one.


Hold on. I know. I'm going to see if there's anymore.

Stay in there. Here you go. Stay in there.


See if there's anymore.

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