Pensioner, 81, is 'outraged' because he reckons the soles of his slippers are covered in swastikas

Nick Reilly

An angry pensioner has claimed his brand new slippers are printed with swastikas all over the soles.

Sam Purdie, 81, paid £15 for the shoes from Amazon and claims they looked ‘perfectly respectable’ online.

But when they arrived, Sam was horrified to see what he believes is the Nazi symbol in the print of the sole.

The retired engineer claims he tried to warn other customers but his review of the Jo & Joe slippers were censored by the online retail giant.

‘I ordered a pair of slippers which on first examination looked good, but when they arrived I realised they had swastikas all over the soles.’, Sam explained.

Sam claims that Amazon blocked his scathing review of the footwear (Picture: SWNS)

‘You could absolutely notice the pattern right away. They looked good on Amazon, but they were of course very careful not to show you the soles of the slippers.

‘I’m a regular customer with Amazon and they usually ask you to give them a review of products, so I did. I wrote that I was not happy with my swastika-embroidered slippers and that I certainly won’t be wearing them.

‘I’m not Jewish, but I am old enough to have very unpleasant memories of swastikas.’

Sam says he “certainly won’t be wearing” his slippers (Picture: SWNS)

Sam claims that Amazon immediately responded and said he had been abusive and wouldn’t be allowed to leave reviews again if he continued. 

He added: ‘They responded saying I had been abusive in my review. But it’s an automated response, I think the fact I had used the word swastika upset them.’

Sam, from Letham, Perth, is now calling for the shoes to be taken off sale. 

‘I haven’t asked for a rebate or anything from them, but they will never be going on my feet’, he said.

Sam claims that Amazon blocked his scathing review of the footwear (Picture: SWNS)
Sam bought the slippers from Amazon (Picture: SWNS)

LJ&R Footwear, who produced the shoes, said: ‘This is the first time that this has been brought to our attention.

‘This outsole is widely available in China and has not been developed by us.’

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A spokeswoman added: ‘Any resemblance to the sign in question is purely coincidental. It is a honeycomb maze pattern.’

Amazon has been approached for comment by Yahoo News UK.