Pensioner Survived Four-Day Toilet Trap Ordeal By Knitting Scarf And Eating Mints



A pensioner who got stuck in a public toilet for four days has told how she passed the time by knitting a scarf and survived on mints.

Gladys Phillips, 82, went to use the loo in Felixstowe, which had not yet opened to the public.

The hi-tech locking system shut tight and it was not until four days later that painters discovered her inside.

She had no mobile phone and her bangs and shouts were unanswered – so she settled down and made a pink scarf for her granddaughter to keep boredom at bay.



The widow told the Suffolk Gazette how she warded off hunger with a full bag of mint imperials in her handbag, which ‘kept her spirits up no end’.

Stoical Gladys said: “I was not really concerned at first when I couldn’t get out, I was just relieved I’d managed to go to the loo.

“The loo was very clean and cosy. I was able to sleep on my big overcoat and was lovely and warm, and if I got cold I just sat under the hand dryer for a while.

“It was a great relief when the nice builder turned up and opened the door. He got quite a shock, I can tell you.”

What a legend.