People aren't rescuing black dogs because they don't look good on Instagram

Black dogs are less likely to be rescued or adopted by Instagram conscious owners

Black dogs are less likely to be adopted because Instagram-conscious potential owners are worried about how they will photograph.

When compared with lighter fur counterparts, black dogs are waiting longer to be rescued, accordant to both Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Dogs Trust.

The two leading animal charities insist that no matter how they photograph, black dogs – like most dogs – will bring fun and companionship to any household.

A spokeswoman for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home told i: “We get a lot of black dogs coming in, and that is one of the reasons [potential owners] give.”

While a representative of Dogs Trust said: “We see so many black dogs come through our doors each year and they are often overlooked – possibly due to the misconceptions that people have about them about being unlucky, which is simply not true.”

Steve Craddock, centre manager at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London, said the centre was flooded in particular with black greyhounds.

Working Cocker Spaniel sitting and looking up against white background

Black greyhounds frequently become ‘long stays’ because they “struggle to catch the eye of their potential owners [and] luck is also against them because black dogs are difficult to photograph, which means it can be easy for them to blend into the background.

“It’s such a shame because greyhounds are loving, gentle-natured dogs and can make excellent pets for families and first time owners.”

Adding: “They are just like any other dog and will bring nothing but friendship and fun to any household.”

The charities suggested that potential owners have aired concerned that dark haired animals don’t always photograph well and can occasionally blend into the background.

While Charity Cats Protection say black cats often suffer the same fate.