Camel Stuck in Wet Sand Rescued by Bystanders

A group of people banded together to save a camel that was stuck in wet sand near Ras al-Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in late April after being spotted by three people who were passing by in a car.

Christine Wilson, who shot this video of the rescue, said she was traveling between Ras al-Khaimah and Dubai with her sister and Ian D. Murphy, a filmmaker, when they spotted the stricken camel close to the road.

Murphy tried and failed to dig the camel out using an emergency shovel because the ground was “like quicksand,” Wilson explained.

After a while, two locals arrived with shovel vehicles to help with the dig. They were followed soon after by other men, including the owners of the camel, Wilson said. “News travels fast,” she wrote on Instagram.

Eventually, 15 people took part in the rescue, which took nearly two hours, Wilson said.

Wilson posted the rescue footage on Instagram, calling it a “a Ramadan story,” and told Storyful the owner of the camel had invited her group back to his farm for iftar, the post-sunset meal with which Muslims end the daily Ramadan fast. Credit: via Storyful

Video transcript

- Quick sand there there, [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah, it's really. I mean I almost got stuck too. Right, could you help me out.

- Do you want us--


- Want me to give the other side a go? Are you knackered yet? It's so deep. [INAUDIBLE] in front of him. [INAUDIBLE] OK.


- Yeah. Hey.


- Good, how are you?


- Wow. [LAUGHTER] [INAUDIBLE] Hello. [INAUDIBLE] Oh, we got the whole crew here.


- Good. Yeah. [INAUDIBLE]. Come on, girl. Come on.


Come on, girl.

- [INAUDIBLE] some hard stuff [INAUDIBLE] stuff here but [INAUDIBLE] anyway--

- Come on, girl.

- She's like, huh.

- [INAUDIBLE] thinking.

- I'm actually a lot better now.


- Come on, girl. Woo. Woo. Yeah. Woo. Well done, everyone. Well done. Woo, good work, guys. Yes. Yes. Well done.



- We have to go.

- Amazing. Oh, bravo, guys.


- Yeah.

- Bye, bye, Camel. Stay away from the water.

- Stay away from the dog.

- Yeah. Stay away from the dog.


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