People dice with death to take selfies on cliff edge

Footage from England's south coast (May 30) where visitors, returning after lockdown, were seen standing precariously near the cliff edge, posing for photographs.

In the video, one woman was seen perilously close to the edge while pushing a pram - just to take a selfie.

Another family with young children were approached by officials and warned.

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Other people had picnics and walked their dogs within inches of the cliffs at Birling Gap in East Sussex.

Only last Sunday, a girl was pictured peering over the edge at Birling Gap, prompting Wealden District Council to urge people to stay away from the cliff edge.

The local authority Wealden District Council tweeted after the incident: "We know we're always saying it, but for good reason after yesterday's near miss at Birling Gap. Please stay away from the cliff edge. Is it really worth risking your life for? #staysafe #BeCliffAware #BirlingGap."