People discover iPhone travel hack that means you don't need airport screens

Mature man sitting in airplane seat near window. Business man flying by plane.
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Travelling to the airport is one of the most exciting things in life.

Heading to the terminal during those ungodly hours and the anticipation of reaching your gate is unmatched. But often the procedure can be a daunting task for many nervy travellers.

There's a lot of things to remember, your boarding pass, luggage and of course, that passport of yours. Now one TikTok user revealed a hack to hopefully make your experience less stressful.

Posting on the platform, user @kaansanity shared how you can access all your flight information with this clever iPhone hack. He described it as a "trick I guarantee you didn't know about".

He explained: "Here's a cool travel hack, next time you're travelling, text yourself your airline and flight number, then tap on it and hit preview flight.

"All of your flight details show up right here so you don't need to check the airport screens, if your flight gets delayed, it'll let you know right here. It will also tell you what baggage claim you need to go to."

But that's not all, as the TikTok user further added: "The best part is you can copy the code to send to your friends and family so they can track your flight as well."

Since the video was posted recently, it has received 33,800 likes and thousands of shares. One commenter joked: "I don't even know how to text myself."

Another confirmed: "It works I'm at the airport right now."

Meanwhile, a third delightedly commented: "Omg smart," with a fourth chiming in: "Pretty cool."

Nonetheless, despite the wave of commendations for this ingenious trick, there were those who raised concerns over possible glitches. One traveller remarked: "Doesn't work for me," with another wonderingly proposing: "Why don't you get the app for the airline? ".

So on your future trips to the airport, remember to put this clever tip into action... And whilst flying savvy, consider perusing our guide on snagging cheap flights?

With a bit of flexibility on travel times and dates alongside solo fare hunting, timing is indeed crucial.