People have just discovered that IKEA in Germany have parking lots for dogs

David Elkin

Ikea are well known for being innovators on the important issues of addictive shopping – and for being fairly sound to their customers as well.

Now, thanks to this tweet, the internet has discovered that IKEA in Germany has a parking lot for dogs so owners don’t have to leave them in hot cars for too long. They even have their own dedicated spaces:

Kudos to IKEA

But, even though it seems to be coming to many people’s attention now – the IKEA dog parking lots were introduced in Germany in 2012, and seem to have been a roaring success.

Look at them there, with the famous blue IKEA bag in shot too


They really go all out to make your pooch more comfortable:

Set up in the front of its store is a series of astro-turf lawns where owners can ‘park’ their dogs while they go shopping—IKEA even provides water bowls in case your canine companion gets thirsty.

Perhaps an idea for Irish IKEA stores – just so we can spend more time roaming their halls looking for bargains knowing the pooch is in good hands out front.

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