People displaced by Syria earthquake loot aid supplies after baby dies in camp

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A video filmed by our Observer shows displaced people living in a camp in northwest Syria storming and looting a warehouse containing humanitarian supplies after the sudden death of a baby in the camp. The baby’s parents say he died of cold because of a lack of humanitarian assistance, an allegation rejected by some doctors, aid workers and officials.

Our Observer in Azaz (located 50 km to the north of Aleppo) sent us a video showing displaced people living in a makeshift camp storming and looting a warehouse stocked with humanitarian supplies like blankets and mattresses.

This incident took place the morning of February 24, 2023, just a few hours after a family discovered their seven-month-old baby, Zuhair Othman, lifeless in their tent.

Mohamed Othman said that he woke up shortly after 6am and discovered that his baby was dead. A haunting video, first posted on Facebook on March 2, 2023, shows Othman, still in shock, carrying the lifeless body of his child.

After the first earthquake, on February 6, we stayed in our home, believing that the worst had already happened.

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