People are finding free tickets for 'Avengers: Infinity War' behind posters

Ripping down posters is fun, but such innocent acts of vandalism aren't always rewarded with a prize.

However, Marvel is encouraging just that as part of a promotion for the forthcoming Avengers: Infinity War, for which they've hidden tickets beneath posters in Australia.

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The posters were seemingly found by a reddit user, chrischar66, who posted a photo of the discovery in Brisbane on Tuesday.

"Do you dare remove Thanos?" the poster reads. We wouldn't be surprised if the marketing idea was inspired by the Team Rocket hideout in the Pokémon games.

It turns out the competition is legitimate. Terms and conditions found on the Disney Australia website reveals that there are posters of this kind around Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Only ones that have a yellow border around them have prizes behind them, mainly double in-season passes to the film, and the giveaway includes a major prize where fans can attend a preview screening event.

Nifty marketing, Marvel.

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