People are furious about street lights switch off as one warns 'it will be carnage'

Fury surrounds the decision to turn off street lights in part of Coventry, In fact, one CoventryLive reader asked: "Is it April 1st?" as the city council has made the money-saving move.

Franklin and Hawkin Funeral Directors have stepped in to help residents in Tile Hill, one of the areas where street lights have been switched-off at night, by handing out torches to use in the dark. It was at budget setting when the council agreed to turn off streetlights in parts of the city from midnight to 5.30am.

Coventry City Council's strategic lead for policy and innovation, John Seddon, said: "We've specifically targeted the switch-off so that it's when the activity is least." The local authority said that it will help £70,000 per year in energy costs and reduce carbon emissions by a fifth but it is a move that has not been welcomed by all.

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In fact some angry CoventryLive readers have questioned what their Council Tax is being spent on. They have also raised concerns about the impact on the switch-off will have on crime.

Deb Dee posted: "Is it 1st April?" while Scott Williamson said: "Crime going up along with council tax increases and they switch them off…….makes sense not! Coventry people should challenge this, we pay more council tax just leaves the lights on. Maybe without all the unnecessary cycle lanes they’d be money left over to keep them on."

Jill Atkins said: "Have we gone back to the Second World War just bring back ration books" while Paula Kelly posted: "Flipping heck there’s enough trouble up there with the lights on it’ll be carnage with the lights off."

The cost of the light switch-off compared to the recent rise in Council Tax left some asking questions. Conner Marsden simply said: "Where does our council tax go?"

Gaz Saunders added: "Why don’t they use all this income they was talking about to get these student accommodation builds excepted? They said it will be a massive income but still put up council tax and never mentioned the money from them since. Also stop building bike lanes and putting up stupid cameras if you can’t afford the basics like lighting which should be LED now anyway and low cost."

Already in place in Warwickshire

But there are some in favour of the move with Darren Male posting: "The research shows that car and other crimes increase with lights on as it assists the criminals. In a climate and financial crisis its a good idea, and stops street lights disturbing my sleep."

Kate Cartwright said: "From midnight to 530am not sure apart from some workers who is normally up at that time walking around."

There were also others, across the border into Warwickshire, who say that they have had the same situation for years with lights turned off.

Destiny Shantayah said: "Did this to our street years back. We didn't get a free torch either."

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