Police Respond To Haters Of Their Rainbow Car... With Massive Rainbow VAN


When Sussex police debuted their LGBT-friendly rainbow car and motorbike at last year’s Brighton Pride, some people weren’t loving it.

The force wasn’t fazed, however - in fact, this year they’ve moved things up a gear and decorated a big, gay-friendly van instead.

Because when it comes to emblazoning their fleet with stars and the like, Sussex Police are absolutely out and proud.

The £225 price of last year’s vehicle enhancements has also been topped, and this year they’ve splashed out £420 on adorning the van and two motorbikes.

Chief Supt Nev Kemp is loving the new-look vehicles, proudly showing them off on his Twitter page.


Bigger and better: Last year’s offering, above (Twitter/@gaybourhoodguru)

Showing the haters just how into the idea he was, Chief Supt Kemp went on to post on Twitter on Wednesday in defence of the snazzy new look.

He said he wanted to “send a message that we wholeheartedly reject the views of those who appear to be critical because it is an LGBT event.

"So, I looked around for the biggest vehicle I have to demonstrate this and show our support for the LGBT community.”

He even wore his rainbow laces especially. Good man.


All about the equality: Chief Supt Nev Kemp (Twitter/@ChSuptNevKemp)

Top image: Twitter/@ChSuptNevKemp