People Who Lived With Wealthy Roommates, What’s The Most Out-Of-Touch Thing They Ever Said Or Did?

Most people live with roommates so they can save money or, you know, actually afford a place to live. Sometimes, however, people who could afford to live on their own (whether it's their money or their family's) decide they want the ~experience~ of living with roomies anyway. Other times, they may be required to share a room as a college student, summer camp attendee, etc.

Rich people have a reputation for saying or doing things that come across as pretty out-of-touch to others, so if you've lived with one, there's probably a specific moment that comes to mind.

Like, maybe your roommate bragged about the super expensive restaurant their parents took them to right after asking you to Venmo them $0.27 for using their ketchup.

  NBC / Via Netflix
NBC / Via Netflix

Or maybe they had a hard time believing that you were struggling to find an internship....while they got an entry-level job at their family friend's company right out of college.

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Or maybe they always got annoyed with your almost-empty shampoo bottle and threw it away, even though you planned to add some water to make it last longer.

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If you ever lived with a rich roommate, what's the most out-of-touch thing they ever said or did? Share your stories in the comments, and they may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!