An American shop was caught rapid selling this crap asparagus ‘flavoured’ water

Emer McLysaght
Whole Foods a Austin TX

PEOPLE CAN BE duped into buying some fairly questionable stuff in the name of fashion/health/trends.

This really takes the biscuit though.

Whole Foods, America’s glorious, overpriced grocery heaven, is selling stalks of raw asparagus in water for six dollars.

Somewhere in L.A. Whole Foods executives are laughing at all of us.

This snap posted on Instagram reads:

Somewhere in LA, Whole Foods executives are laughing at all of us. asked Whole Foods what the eff is the story, and was told that the product is relatively new, that it’s simply asparagus stalks stuffed into a bottle, and that the “nutrients from the asparagus do transfer into the water.

In an update Whole Foods explained that it was just one LA store that was selling the product, that was was supposed to ‘water with the essence of vegetables’ which was to be made over an extended period of time along the lines of a broth, that this particular ‘asparagus water’ had been made incorrectly and removed from shelves.

Be right back, just off to shove some parsnips in a bottle of Ballygowan and sell it for €7.50.

Macarons and macaroons – are you saying it right?

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