People are loving this dog running for mayor

Ian Sandwell
Photo credit: Finn the Cattle Dog / YouTube

From Digital Spy

A dog is running for mayor in the Canadian city of St John's and it's left everyone wishing they lived there.

Finn, a 5-year-old Australian cattle dog who has appeared in shows including Republic of Doyle, now has a starring role in his own mayoral campaign video thanks to his owner Glenn Redmond.

The brilliant video sees Finn tackle issues such as potholes and the "challenges young families face today" with his "hands-on leadership".

We'd vote for him, and we're not the only ones.

"Finally, a candidate who is clear on where he sits, stays, and rolls-over on each issue," joked one fan, with another adding: "I support his 'more treats for good doggos' platform, but I can't overlook his 'OMG CAT CHASE CAT BAD CAT' agenda."