People mindblown to learn that forks have hidden functions – not just for food

You'll be amazed at all the things a fork can do
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

Forks have more than one purpose.

As well as being a fabulous way to shovel food into our gobs, they can also be used to carry out game-changing hacks. On TikTok, a user called tipshacks recently revealed all the ways you can use the cutlery in everyday life.

In the video, the host joked you'd need to have lived for 300 years to know just how many different ways a fork can be used. For their first example, they demonstrated how you can use the item to fix broken zippers on clothes.

And that's not all – as forks can also be used as bottle openers. After twisting a screw into your wine cork, simply grab a fork to pull out the stopper in a jiffy.

We're not done yet either – as chopping spring onions can be made a lot easier when you have a fork in hand. If you run a fork along the veg, you can section it into strands that can be chopped with minimal effort.

By inserting a fork either side, you'll be able to slice onions and other vegetables evenly. This should help you keep your fingers away from harm's reach too!

As well as being good for onions, forks can help you prep garlic and herbs. Grab one of the implements to crush bulbs into smaller pieces or drag herbs through them to pull off any rogue leaves.

The little silver saviour can even double up as a cleaning tool. In the video, the demonstrator covers a fork with a cloth and uses it to clean hard-to-reach spaces in their car.

It's genius – and plenty of people seem to think so too. The post has amassed more than 200,000 likes and scores of gushing comments.

One user wrote: "My fork's been laying around in the drawer, sleeping for years, like it didn't have a hundred jobs to do."

Another remarked: "My fork's just being lazy." And a third commented: "Somehow I feel my fork has been grossly underused."

Well I never, we'll definitely have to give these hacks a go!