People in Northern Ireland are the happiest in the UK

People in Northern Ireland are the happiest in the UK, according to research.

It came out top in the happiness stakes in the latest figures published by the Office for National Statistics.

Its personal well-being survey revealed that Northern Irish people were the happiest in the UK between April 2016 and March 2017.

However, there was good news for people living in England – their overall happiness increased in the same period.

‘At a country level, average (mean) ratings of life satisfaction and happiness have increased slightly in England between the years ending March 2016 and 2017,’ said the report.

‘There were no other changes in any aspect of well-being for the rest of the countries in the UK over this period.

‘In the year ending March 2017, people in Northern Ireland continue to report the highest average life satisfaction, worthwhile and happiness ratings, and the lowest anxiety ratings, when compared with the other constituent countries of the UK.’

The Giant’s Causeway has cause to make people happy (Picture: Rex)

The ONS said several factors affected our happiness, including employment or job satisfaction, our health, the quality of our relationships and our personal financial security.


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It also addressed the issue of Brexit and how it had impacted on the nation’s well-being.

‘Over the year that this publication covers, various situations of uncertainty, not least in political terms have unfolded in the UK,’ it said.

‘For example, the UK public voted on the EU referendum and there was a new prime minister appointed.

‘Considering this, it is interesting to see that the latest figures covered by economic well-being show that, between Quarter 4 2016 and Quarter 1 2017, consumers reported perceived improvements in their own financial situation and the general economic situation over the last year.’