People Are Telling Emma Chamberlain To "Go To College," A Rogue Pumpkin Almost Got This Guy Fired, And More Internet Moments From This Week

Hello, fellow internet explorers! Welcome back to Chronically Online, where we break down the latest memes, TikTok trends, and viral moments that are buzzing around in your phone.

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Now, if you're ~online~ then you definitely know Emma Chamberlain, YouTuber-turned-coffee-maker and now: podcast host.

But Emma's podcast has some fans questioning their loyalty as they feel she could be "more openminded." Some even suggested she "go to college" to sound more articulate on certain topics.

It seems like people just want Emma to dig deeper — we'll see if she takes that advice!

Meanwhile, I haven't stopped laughing at this viral video of a guy accidentally hitting a customer with a pumpkin and her calling him out in an "anonymous" review.

Thankfully, it looks like he kept his job, but I doubt he'll ever live that moment down.

And in cute animal news (it's the internet — you can't avoid it!), there's an adorable trend going around TikTok where people put wise words into their pets' mouths.

Okay, Kitty Yoda!

And on Twitter, an old photo of Ben Affleck drinking coffee and looking miserable (his specialty) is going viral — mostly because he's drinking Starbucks instead of his usual Dunkin'.

Twitter: @emericanjezebel

More controversial than the Boston Tea Party, tbh.

Twitter: @davejorgenson

And now the part where we dig deep for some of the actually enjoyable things left on the internet.

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Kathy Hoang / BuzzFeed

Follow: This "can I cancel?" chart that's spot on.

Wish: You had a gumball machine full of disco balls.

Twitter: @Hayley__Harding

Need: These earrings to show off your love of garlic.

Wow: This is not a's better.

Phew, the internet sure was a chaotic place this week, but I can't get enough. If you're also addicted to scrolling, don't forget to sign up for the newsletter for even more internet goodies each week. Bye!