People are only just discovering cheese toastie hack to make mess-free grub

Grilled sandwich with cheese on a plate.
-Credit: (Image: Getty)

Making a cheese toastie can often result in a messy kitchen, with melted cheese spilling over the bread and sticking to the inside of your sandwich toaster.

However, one woman claims to have found the perfect solution to this common problem. Lucy Burgess, who posts under the username @lucyburgess96, is known for sharing lifestyle content on TikTok, ranging from parenting tips to money-saving hacks.

This time, she has gone viral for her "no mess, no fuss" hack that allows her to make toasties without losing any of the cheesy goodness to the hot plate. The secret? A piece of grease-proof paper.

Many households will already have a roll of grease-proof paper in their kitchen drawers. If not, it can be purchased relatively cheaply from your local supermarket.

For example, a roll costs just £1.45 from Asda, which would allow you to make multiple mess-free toasties.

In a video which garnered more than 19,000 likes, Lucy explained: "Cheese toastie hack: The grease-proof paper stops any mess getting onto the machine. Plus, you can eat the cheese that's eased out."

The hack left TikTok users amazed, with many promising to try it out for themselves. One user commented: "I actually threw my toastie maker away because I was sick of cleaning it."

Another added: "Oh my days! Genius! I hate cleaning mine, will definitely try this," while a third said: "Never even thought to do this, hate trying to get hard cheese out of corners."

One impressed user commented: "This is so smart."

However, not everyone was pleased with Lucy's sandwich-toasting technique. One disgruntled viewer remarked: "That's a crime to do it like that in the middle," and another chimed in with: "Who makes a toasty in the middle?"