People Revealed The Revolting Things You Should 100% Avoid Doing While Having Sex, And It's Eye-Opening

Recently, Reddit user browngunwhitebullet asked the community, "What is the one thing that should be avoided while having sex?"

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Welp, folks didn't hold anything back, and got down and dirty about the sex acts that are positively repulsive and should be avoided at all costs.

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So, here are some sex acts people believe will ruin your love life forever:

Note: Some submissions were pulled from this Reddit thread by user ahollyblooms.

Note: Everyone's sexual experience is different. Not all opinions below reflect a broad view of sex.

1."Don't cum in her if she isn't on birth control, unless you want children."


"I don't understand why some men can't grasp this damn concept."


2."If your dick slips out from your girl, don't try to stick it back in with force (and definitely don't when you're drunk). A buddy of mine did this, and, can imagine the aftermath."


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3."Farting should generally be avoided by most people. I know for some it is a fetish, but I would guess that is a very, very small percentage of people. Pooping during sex would also likely be an even smaller percentage."


4."Lots of caffeine before the main event. Caffeine flushes electrolytes out of the body — this means you can get muscle cramps from hell. Nothing worse than stopping mid-sex because your leg cramped up (or the dreaded double-butt cheek cramp!)."


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5."Anything that wasn't talked about beforehand (kink-wise). Make sure everyone's okay with it before you try it or you can really fuck someone up (your daily tip provided by your local nymph)."


"To build off of this. If you suggest a new kink, go with a term I call 'enthusiastic consent.' If your partner replies with 'that's fine' or 'yeah, okay,' then don't do it. An enthusiastic 'Yes! That sounds amazing' or something similar is okay."


6."Any mention of how your ex did something in bed."


7."Spicy foods. It's, 'Omg, I love you!' one moment then, 'Holy shit, everything is on FIRE' the next (and not in a good way)."


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8."Using a massage gun as a vibrator. Don't try it out, ladies — you'll get bruises, LOL."


9."Reverse cowgirl. From the woman's perspective, it’s a weird combination of all the least fun bits of what should be your fun bits. No eye contact, staring at toe hairs. Yeah, I tried it only once."


10."'Sexy,' edible stuff, like chocolate or honey. It's just messy and physically off-putting by the end."


11."Allowing a dog or cat to be there. That’s just wrong and effed up."


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12."Couch cushions that you could sink into."


"And satin sheets! They're too slippery."


13."Getting road head. It is really hard to focus on both the road and the head, so there’s a chance you’ll lose your boner."


14."Calling out the wrong name."


15."Cumming on a girl’s face. Porn would have you believe it’s the pinnacle of climax options until you realize you just took your dick out of someone’s mouth or vagina to finish with your own hand. Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory."


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16."Uninvited guests."


17."Your cellphone being on. Once this guy was fuckin' me, and I couldn't say he was bad, so I kept looking at my phone. If you want to focus and have good sex, keep your cellphone away."


18."Trying to spank your wife's ass while she's riding you, completely missing, and smacking yourself in the balls really hard by accident. Instant softy...."


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19."Screaming, 'Oh, daddy, yes!' if you're a man having sex with a woman."


20.And finally, "Doing it up against the wall. It's a hard-ass workout for me when holding her up — plus, it's hard to get the thrusts at the right angle to actually be enjoyable. Best position is 100% doggy style — it's comfortable, it hits just right with the angles, and it gives you a lot of options for extra things to do with your hands to increase pleasure for both partners."


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Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

Let's flip the script a wee bit, folks: What's something you *shouldn't* avoid during sex? What turns you the heck on?!

Share with us in the comments below — the spiciest submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!