19 Jarring Red Flags In Guys' Homes Or Apartments That People Have Encountered

Recently, I asked members of the BuzzFeed Community who date men to tell us what would be an immediate red flag if they saw it in the apartment or home of some guy they were dating.

"I think that's a red flag."

I got quite a few responses! Below are just some of the comments that might make you yell out loud, "That's a major RED FLAG!":

1."I went on a second date with a guy and went to his house to pick him up. He had a full week's notice that I was coming over. I walked in, and the house was filthy; dust covered every surface, in the very dirty kitchen a huge pile of unwashed dishes, filthy nest of sheets on the bed, and a fish tank where you could not see the fish through the glass. I never went back and told him it wouldn't work out."

a sink full of dirty dishes


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2."They only own one towel and it’s obviously a poor quality one."

A dirty towel hanging on a rack
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3."A sheet nailed to the wall over a window instead of a curtain. This is especially a red flag to me if they have lived in their house for a long time."

A sheet hanging over a window


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4."I once went on a date with this guy, and there were many red flags. You walk in and he had a portrait of his ex-wife, who was now pregnant with another man’s child, over the fire place."

A woman making a confused face


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5."A ripped-out page of a porn magazine taped to the wall. True story."

A man in bed reading a porn magazine
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6."Very, very dirty carpets or floors. I understand you might not have had time to vacuum recently, but I shouldn't be grossed out if I walk on it barefoot because it's so dirty and filled [with] crumbs, etc."

Very dirty carpet


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7."He said the front door was jammed, so their main way of accessing the apartment, for years, had been the fire escape. I should have known. I did go up, but the rest of the place was a mess, too. Storage room shelves in the living areas and black garbage bags as blackout curtains. They were close to their 40s...UGH!"

A fire escape


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8."Dirty bathrooms. Bathtub with hair trimmings, a dirty ring around the tub, and body hair everywhere. Chunks of hard toothpaste oozing out of the tube or stuck to any part of the bathroom sink area."

A dirty bathtub
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9."If a guy is in his 30s and has no real glassware, just plastic fast food, convenience, or free giveaway cups, it's a 🚩."

A Big Gulp cup

10."Not specific to men. But anyone who has a week's worth of worn clothes and towels left on the floor. If they can't be bothered to clean up before company arrives, they have no respect for themselves or you."

Piles of dirty laundry all over someone's bedroom
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11."I know there are a lot of jokes about 3-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash, but I really wouldn't mind that over seeing that there is NOTHING in the shower."

Axe 3-in-1

12."This isn't really a red flag, but not having a mini trashcan in the bathroom. Gentlemen, trust me, your female guests appreciate this."

A person throwing trash away


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13."Way too many knives or swords. Like, I get it if you're actually very outdoorsy and you have a collection of knives for camping or fishing. Or if you have a collector's piece or two from a favorite fandom. But if I walk into someone's house and there's just an over-the-top amount of pointy weapons lying around, I would worry about why someone thinks that is necessary."

Swords on a table


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14."I have soooo many from dating just the worst men. But one of them is if there's a mattress on the floor. It screams, 'I don’t have my life together, and I’m a project you’re going to have to work on!'"

A mattress on the floor
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15."I'd been talking to a doctor for a few weeks, and he invited me over to hang out one day. He lived in a really nice gated apartment complex, and when I walked into his place, I immediately started my plan on how to politely GTFO. This man had one barstool, a futon for a couch, a TV stand with a TV, an Xbox, and that was it! I could see into the bedroom, and it was just a boxspring and a mattress. He jokingly was like, 'Haha, I know this place makes me look like a serial killer, but I'm just not home enough to decorate more.' Cool story, bro. But I've seen this movie before! I'm out!"

A couch in an otherwise empty apartment
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16."If there is no fitted sheet on the mattress, there is no way I am going to lay on that bed."

A bed with no sheets


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17."They don't have any soap and/or towels to dry your hands or any towels out. I've actually been in peoples' apartments that don't have anything to dry your hands on. Do you just use your clothes??? At least a basic towel, y' know. That's suggesting to me you don't wash your hands or yourself??? 🤨"

An X through some wash towels
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18."I began dating a guy who had a bunch of things in his apartment that clearly belonged to his ex-girlfriend; like makeup, shower products, etc. They had been broken up for a while by then, and it was a huge red flag that if he hadn't been able to throw out that stuff by now that he was clearly still in love with her. I broke it off but never told him it was because of his ex-girlfriend's stuff."

women's products all over a bathroom sink


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19.And lastly, "No toilet paper. And not just in the bathroom, nowhere in the house."

An empty toilet paper roll


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Okay, have these been red flags you've encountered? Have you encountered worse? Or are some of these just over-blown and aren't truly red flags? Sound off in the comments below!