People Are Sharing The Measures They Took "Just To Be Safe" That Ended Up Preventing Something Awful Happening Later On, And These Are Beyond Wild

Note: The below article mentions sexual assault.

Have you ever had an inkling to do something in the moment that you later realized saved you from experiencing something awful? Well, when Reddit user u/cadouxmoring8 asked: "What precautionary measure did you take, thinking 'just to be safe,' that unexpectedly ended up saving the day later on?" over 7,000 people provided their answers. Here's what they had to say:

1."My paranoia about a strange guy in a car kept my house from flooding. We had a house fire in October 2021, and we were bouncing back and forth between our house and a rental. Christmas Eve was extra cold, and our pipes were frozen in our house (The house was built in1894, no insulation yet). So we decided to go to the rental for Christmas Eve. My wife and daughter were taking one car, and I was taking the other. When I left the house, I saw a man sitting in his car across the street, messing with his phone. Given the cold weather, it seemed odd. When my wife left, the man pulled his car across the street to the spot she just left (this is a one way street). Since I was further back, I watched for a bit, but he didn't do anything; he just got back on his phone."

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2."I was scheduled for a mammogram when I got to 50. Somehow, it didn't work out that year because the appointment was in Bavaria, but I live in Düsseldorf. And I also thought it was not that important. But a year later, they sent me the invitation again. I scheduled a mammogram in Bavaria then, as I was visiting my parents anyway, and I thought, well, they probably aren't going to find anything, but if I have cancer and didn't have that mammography, I'm going to regret it."

"I expected a letter telling me that they had found nothing. But in fact, they did find something that needed further investigation. It turned out to be slow-growing breast cancer. One year earlier, it would not have been there yet. And one year later, it would have been much larger and possibly needed chemo as well as surgery. But as it was, they could just cut it out, and that was that."


3."I once was asked if I could give someone a ride home from a local convenience store. Normally, I would say no, but I decided to be nice that day. They were a lady in their mid-30s or early 40s, so I figured it wasn't that big of a deal. For whatever reason, I subconsciously mentioned that I wasn't able to buy what I went into the store for because I forgot my wallet at home. The person said, 'You don't have your wallet on you?' I said, 'Nah.' They looked a little concerned and, a few moments later, said they could walk to their destination just fine. I thought it was weird, but I didn't think too hard about it."

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4."For some reason, I felt that I was being watched, so I closed all the blinds and let the dog out the back door instead of walking him. My dog found the creep in my backyard and dragged him by the pant leg out of a bush, thrashing him around. Based on the video, the dog got at least four good bites in."


5."As a manager, I noticed my team was getting saddled with harder work than the other teams. I informed my boss, but she laughed at me and sent me packing. Since we tracked employee productivity by cases worked, I had a feeling I'd need some kind of proof in the future, so I went back to my team, explained the situation, and informed them I wanted them to keep daily logs of all of their cases and time stamp them even though the system did this automatically. Fast forward two years. Another manager believes his employees are getting harder cases than the other teams, so he complains about it to my/his boss. His rapport with her is significant as he works the same shift, so she looks into it. After a three-day secret investigation, I get one of the most aggressive and hateful emails of my career, accusing me of cherry-picking millions of cases over years of work for my team."

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6."I got life insurance on my husband during open enrollment, and we joked, 'Haha, I’ll be a rich widow ha ha.' We were totally joking because we have never had any policies on either of us. He got sick and passed away two months later. The money saved my butt. I tell everyone to get life insurance. It’s so very important."


7."I was coming home from sledding when I was six years old. Just my dad and I were in the old Ford Explorer. Before we left the park, we had an argument about wearing my seatbelt (I think it was because I was bundled up and chunky and did not want the added sensory discomfort of being strapped into the passenger seat). Dad won, and I wore the seatbelt. He forgot to put his on."

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8."About 20 years ago, I almost stopped to help a stranded motorist. I saw a highway patrol behind me and knew he would stop. That night on the news, I saw that he did stop, and a shootout ensued after the officer noticed the ignition wire had been pulled from the distributor. The 'stranded' motorist was an escaped prisoner looking for another car to steal."


9."I run a reptile and exotic animal rescue in South Texas. We are having very cold weather. I drove out to the rescue to check on everyone ONE MORE TIME, even though I'd been out there many times today. The heat had stopped working. We ended up having to move all the reptiles to my house. They would have died. It's crowded as fuckkkk but everyone is alive. The 90-pound tortoise in my living room is probably gonna fuck some stuff up, but he's alive."

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10."I randomly went with my friend to buy her new car; I just needed to get out of the house. I convinced her to buy gap insurance because it was cheap, and I wish I had gotten it for peace of mind. Her car got stolen, and instead of being stuck with the loan, the insurance paid out (after 30 days or whatever), and she got another car."

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11."I helped a victim of human trafficking get to a shelter. Context: I was a medical student at the time, and the city my school was in was a hub for human trafficking. I noticed a patient in the ER who had a pretty bad injury to her face and was with a sketchy-looking guy who was not related to her. She wasn't my patient, but I brought my gut feeling up to her doctor, who then made up some excuse to talk to the patient alone and got her to help. I never talked to her myself, but I couldn't shake the vibe I got from looking at her and the man she was with."


12."I slept with the bedroom door open the other day; we almost never do that, and honestly, it was because I wanted to be able to hear for some reason. I smelled gas at midnight. It turned out my daughter had turned the stove knob just a touch before going to bed five hours earlier. That was a scary one."

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13."I bought a generator 15 years ago because a hurricane was forecasted. I drove three hours to get it but didn't lose power that month. My hubby rolled his eyes. Two months later, the 'October' storm hit, dumped 20 inches of snow, the state lost power, and we lost power for 13 days. We had the wood stove and the generator, well, some lights, a stove, and a fridge."


14."Closing the curtains. I'm sitting in my living room watching Frasier, and I can't explain it, but I get this overwhelming feeling to close the curtains. I'm thinking to myself, I've lost it, and it's probably nothing. It nags me the rest of the episode, so I close them. It turns out that there was a guy who would look into people's windows to see if they lived alone. He would then sexually assault and rob them. He hit my next-door neighbor at the time."

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15."Nurse here. Per usual, I was being overworked. I had over nine patients in the ER. One patient had cancer and hadn't been feeling well. The doctor insisted he was fine. However, just to be safe, I continued to regularly check in on him as he was chilling in a chair in the hallway. He started complaining of feeling super tired and off. His daughter (who also was a doctor) kind of said something along the lines of 'You've had a stressful day, dad. We will get you home once the doctor discharges you.' Just to cover my ass, I took his vitals. His blood pressure was 70s/40s."

"I had a critical care room open and immediately rolled him in there, calling out to the doctor that something was wrong; I could just feel it. The charge nurse got mad when I told her he needed that room (she didn't like that I was a travel nurse calling the shots, but I didn't care).

The doctor felt I was overreacting, but they repeated my vitals and did a Stat scan. The guy was bleeding internally (I can't remember full details now), and they found metastases to his spinal cord.

We were able to stabilize and ship him to a bigger hospital. That irritated ER doctor thanked me later and said if that guy went home, he most likely would have died that night. It felt really, really good. All because I listened to my patient and my gut and didn't let the stress of over nine patients cloud my judgment."


16."A classmate and I swapped clinical days for my sister's wedding. I emailed my professor and clinical instructor about the swap, and they both replied that it was fine. Then they forgot, and I didn't answer my phone that day because I was up to my ears in last-minute centerpieces. I was notified that it would count as an unexcused absence (which would have required me to repeat that semester), so I forwarded the original acknowledgments of the swap to my professor, clinical instructor, and dean of students. Suddenly, it wasn't a problem anymore."


17."My son had graduated college and then decided to follow his girlfriend to a small town where she got her dream job. It was a small town, and good jobs were hard to come by, so almost a year went by with him only working part-time jobs. He had hit the age where we could not have him on our medical insurance anymore. I was concerned about this and started looking into options and told him to apply to our state's low-income medical. For once, he listened, and I thank God every day because not a month after being approved, he started to have leg pain."

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Have you ever taken a "precautionary measure" that ended up saving the day later on? Tell us in the comments below what happened.