People Are Sharing Their Own Heartstopper Moments And We're In Pieces

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Netflix (Photo: Netflix)
Netflix (Photo: Netflix)

Netflix (Photo: Netflix)

It’s high in the Netflix charts and working its way into our hearts. And if you’re not watching, you might be in the minority right now.

Yep, Heartstopper is the latest coming-of-age TV drama to have grabbed our collective attention, with a cast of (mostly) newcomers charting the ups and downs of queer teenage love, and great support from the likes of Olivia Colman and Stephen Fry. Oh, and a stonking soundtrack that has all in the feels.

Charlie and Nick’s story – when skinny queer boy meets straight rugby lad at school, could friendship turn to something more? – has viewers reflecting on the heartstopping moments in their own lives.

From the ones you had as teens to the ones you wish you’d had, and those you’re still dreaming of in the future, we can’t get enough of these tweets.

People are getting all kinds of nostalgic

There are happy endings we’re 100% here for

The show is already having real-time impact

But it’s bringing up bittersweet feelings, too

Some people get their heartstopper moments vicariously

Some write their own

And there’s those still holding out hope

Because we all want that falling leaves moment, huh?

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