People Are Confessing “It’s An Instant ‘No’” Dating App Red Flags, And You’re Probably Guilty Of These

Recently Reddit user u/CapableEnd5584 asked "People on dating apps: what type of pic/statement is a dealbreaker?"

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And the replies were super direct and possibly controversial, so here are the most popular dealbreakers:

1."When they’re weirdly aggressive in their bio. Like if it says, 'If you have a problem with that, swipe left.' I didn’t until you got all weird about it."


2."If every pic is a heavily filtered, super close-up selfie."


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3."Any mention of royalty (i.e. calling themselves a king, queen, or princess)."


4."If your profile is just a list of stuff you don't like."


5."If there's no information except a pic and a name. Like what are you doing here if you don't want to share anything about you that could help to see who you are?"


6."When they are all group photos and I can't tell which one you are."


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7."When 'Just ask' is the only information they provide. To me, that conveys extremely low effort and potentially high entitlement."


8."When their bio just says 'My Snap/Instagram is...'"


9.“When their bio says 'Biggest risk or worst mistake: getting this app.' Okay then get off, LOL."


10."Travel-obsessed types were instant left-swipes. Most people like to travel. Making it your entire personality is the most boring, basic person thing."


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11."When their bio says 'Not likely to message first.'"


12."Something small, but my biggest pet peeve is when their bio says 'Make me laugh.' Listen, I get humor is important to you, but this can be worded better. 'Make each other laugh' or 'Have a good sense of humor' instead. 'Make me laugh' sounds like I'm here to entertain you."


13.“When their profile says 'Looking for a gym partner.'”


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14."When they write something in their bio about pineapple on pizza."


15."I'm not on dating apps anymore, but a big dealbreaker for me was if their pictures were only headshots."


16."Inappropriate interest in their pets, like when they say something like 'Proud Mama to my three fur babies.'"


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17."When their bio says 'I like having fun.' Yeah, no, duh, that's what fun is."


18."Back when I was on apps before I met my wife if I saw, 'I'm fluent in sarcasm,' or any derivative of it, it was an instant no from me."


19.“'Looking for my partner in crime,' sets unrealistic expectations for a first date."


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20."When men pose with status symbols like a watch or a fancy car."


21."'I hate drama,' is code for 'I cause a lot of drama.'"


22."If you're a guy who has a bunch of shirtless pics, it makes me think you’re a jerk who’s going to talk about my body."


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23."When their bio says 'My real age is X, I don’t know how to change it!'"


24."Even though I'm over 6 feet, I swiped no on any profile that stated 'No men under 6 feet tall.' Those profiles normally gave bad vibes anyway."


25."Pictures of them smoking weed."


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26."Pics where the person is giving the middle finger."


27."Men who post pictures with guns, dead fish, or a bottle of alcohol."


28."If the majority of their pics are bathroom or car selfies."


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29."When they post all their pictures with literally no writing on their profile. I'm done with them."


30."When their bio says, 'I’m in town for the next X days.'"


31."When their bio says, 'If you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best.'"


32.And lastly, "When men don't have a single picture with a smile."


What are some of your dating app dealbreakers that weren't listed here? Let us know in the comments!