How do people shower at Burning Man?

TikTokers have been taking people behind the scenes of Burning Man for several years now. But one woman is currently going viral for showing just how festival-goers manage to shower during the eight-day event — if you can even call it a real shower.

According to Angie Peacock (@angiepeacockmsw), this was her first time attending the annual festival, in which thousands of people gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to celebrate music, art and culture. While Peacock knew the event would be unavoidably dirty, she thought she’d be able to rinse off at the end of each day.

“This is really funny, but I thought showers were included; at least that’s what they told me,” Peacock says to the camera at the start of her video. “So here I’m thinking, like, Planet Fitness-looking showers.”

Instead of having access to indoor shower stalls with working faucets, three walls and decent water pressure, attendees must rinse off in crudely constructed outdoor showers with a tarp, some metal poles and a bucket and hose.

As Peacock demonstrates, anyone who wants to wash must first fill a bucket of water at a nearby filling station. Then, after hanging the bucket inside the shower and placing the end of a hose inside, they have to wave their fob in front of a sensor to make the water turn on.

Peacock says, “You basically have eight seconds to rinse off,” since the water is being pumped in short spurts from inside the bucket.

“Im just going to be dirty,” Peacock wrote in her TikTok caption. “Ive embraced the dust.”

The video has received more than 3.2 million views since first being shared, and, based on the comments, it isn’t selling other TikTok users on the festival.

“It’s crazy how much I never want to go to burning man,” commented @keri_nyx.

“What’s the opposite of FOMO?” joked @nativetexans.

Some users said it gave them Fyre Fest and Woodstock ’99 vibes, while others simply couldn’t believe how much people would pay to essentially camp in the desert with limited resources.

“Having a fob scanner for a bucket of brown water is wild,” wrote @user5289013802319.

It’s no secret that tickets to the festival are pricey. According to, tickets cost $575, and vehicle passes are $140, but that doesn’t include food or travel. That said, the nonprofit points out that most festivals are similarly priced, and the event lasts for more than a week.

There’s also a reason why so many people return to Black Rock year after year. The event, according to festival-goers like Peacock, promotes a sense of “community and acceptance,” with attendees participating in activities, collective art projects and the symbolic “Burning Man” fire at the end of the week. And as for all the dust, sand and dirt? Most festival-goers understand that it’s par for the course.

In fact, Peacock herself seemed to move quickly past the inconveniences.

As she explained in a second TikTok, it’s kind of hard to understand the magic of Burning Man unless you’ve experienced it yourself.

“I just have to say, I’m just like, I kind of want to cry,” the TikToker admitted. “It’s just so beautiful.”

“It’s like, everyone’s themselves, unapologetically, and it’s weird, and it’s twisted, and it makes you question your own sense of reality. And it feels like love and community and acceptance and fun and just humanness, I guess. I love it!”

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