People still think Britain is a major global player after Brexit vote

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

People across the world believe that Britain is still a major player in the global arena after the country voted to leave the EU.

An Ipsos MORI survey found that over half (57%) of people surveyed across 25 countries believe Britain’s influence in world affairs is positive, despite fears from the Remain camp that Brexit will harm it.

This is a higher score than both the US (40%) and China (49%), but lower than Germany (67%), Australia (79%) and Canada (81%).

Britain is still seen as a positive influence in the world (Ipsos MORI)
Some EU countries are less positive about Britain than others (Ipsos MORI)

However, EU countries appear to have a more negative view of Britain than the rest of the world.

Just 29% of Spanish people surveyed, along with 35% of Germans and Belgians, believe that Britain’s current influence on the world is a positive one.

Brits remain patriotic and optimistic, with two thirds (66%) of us believing the country has a positive influence on the world – voting only Canada (87%) and Australia (84%) as more positive.

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Bobby Duffy, MD Social Research Institute, Ipsos MORI said: “Britain comes mid-table in a new global study on how positive an influence different nations are on the world.

“But our rating ranges widely from 76% in India being positive about us to only 29% in Spain.”

He added: “This reflects a general pattern of EU countries seeing us less positively than others.”

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