People stunned after discovering horrifying truth about Big Bird from the Muppets

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-Credit: (Image: Getty Images for HBO)

Anybody brought up on Sesame Street will be more than familiar with Big Bird.

The striking yellow wonder stands tall at 8-foot-2-inches and has been a cherished friend to countless children, shaping minds and provoking curiosity since making his debut in the inaugural episode back in 1969.

Over time, as multiple generations have matured, baffling queries about Big Bird, specifically pertaining to his operation, have arisen. Was there genuinely an individual within that mammoth costume?

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And it seems many people have been left dumbstruck upon discovering the truth.

Taking to social platform X, previously known as Twitter, user @KeetPotato pulled the curtain back on what the inside of Big Bird's costume allegedly entails, writing: "I don't know what I thought, but it wasn't this."

According to the post, Big Bird's ensemble comprises a gamut of elements including string attached to the pinky to mobilise the eyes, a secretive video monitor, script securely tucked away within the outfit, wire stretched from left hand to right, pant-style legs, and riser shoes.

Contrary to popular misbelief, Big Bird's head is barren except for the hand set up to operate the blinking eyes, a setup one person labelled "an incredible dedication to his art".

Reactions ranged from disbelief to amusement, with one user exclaiming, "That looks like hell". While added: "Must be tiring holding your hand up that long."

A different follower confessed: "I always thought the head and mouth was controlled with like pedals or something and seeing this I'm realising how overly complicated that would be."

Another person humorously suggested: "I need an 80s movie montage of someone learning then mastering how to be the Big Bird."

Other viewers were curious about different characters, with one asking: "How does bear do it from bear in the big blue house, I swear he uses both his arms? " While someone else noted that Jabba the Hut reportedly had multiple people inside the costume, controlling various parts.