People stunned by 'Maldives of Europe' – with turquoise waters and stunning beaches

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

The Maldives, a cluster of small coral islands situated just 400 miles southwest of India and Sri Lanka, is often considered a once-in-a-lifetime trip for many Europeans. However, the cost of flights, accommodation, food, local transport and activities can be prohibitive for many Brits.

But it seems you don't have to travel far to experience a luxury destination akin to these individual resort islands. Solo traveller Talia recently encouraged fellow adventurers to visit Albania, promising they "won't regret it".

In a recent TikTok video on her @travelingwithtals account, Tals revealed why Albania is dubbed the "Maldives of Europe'. Filming in crystal clear waters under the blazing sun, Tals wrote: "POV: You booked that solo flight and now you're camping alone in the Albanian mountains, swimming in the most beautiful water. Feeling free."

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The video has been viewed over 437,000 times, with many agreeing that Albania is a "hidden paradise". One user commented: "My Albania is magic," while another simply stated: "Wonderful place."

Holidays to stunning Albania are gaining popularity after years of being overlooked. With its gorgeous sandy beaches, hidden coves and breathtaking scenery, many influencers are currently encouraging others to visit.

TikTok's The Travel mum recently enthused: "When people see pictures of this place they instantly think of the Maldives! But lucky for us, it's a lot closer to home".

Ksamil, often touted as the 'Maldives of Europe', is located in the Albanian Riviera drawing loads of comparisons from holidaymakers who are smitten by its turquoise blue waters, sunny climate, and beautiful clear backdrop of blue skies. But what seals the deal is its affordability in comparison with the Maldives.

The resort town allows tourists to engage in classic Maldives-esque activities like snorkelling, swimming or just basking in the sun, among others. The country's average booze cost at £1.78 per pint is another potential draw.

With temperatures on average not going beyond 25C in summer, Ksamil should surely be on your must-visit list.

Google Flights data shows that you can catch a flight from London to Tirana, Albanias capital and nearest airport, for as low as £94 in July via multiple airlines, including Wizz Air. This destination, though approximately four hours' drive away, isn't as close as Corfu, Greece which has the closest international airport to Ksamil.