People in Tetbury near King Charles' Highgrove House estate pay heartfelt tributes to The Queen

Emotional community members pay heartfelt tributes to Her Majesty - as they mourn over what feels like the 'loss of a family member.'

The Queen's passing has struck the personal heart chords of many in Tetbury, Cotswolds, a town close to King Charles's estate, Highgrove House.

Local Amanda Brooks, 32, feels like she has personally 'lost a family member.'

The staff member at Haine and Smith in Tetbury said: "I think we just don't realise the enormity of what has happened.

"I personally have only ever known the queen: stamps, money, 'God Save the queen' - it's all going to change.

"I mean, we knew it was coming, she was 96, but it's still like you've lost a family member really."

Amanda admits she pities King Charles, due to the sheer magnitude of the role which has now been unfolded upon him - but still has faith he will do "an amazing job."

She explained: "I do feel sorry for him because it is a big task to take on.

"But I think with the backing of the whole royal family, the Queen consort now and also Duke and Duchess - which are now Cornwall and Cambridge which is just crazy.

Amanda added: "Our thoughts are with everyone.

"I think you can see from the last 12 hours just how much she touched everyone's lives - including myself."

Reports at the scene describe a real sense of loss, as many residents have been reflecting upon their own thoughts of the Queen and her tragic passing.

Many sense the news was a ‘long time coming’, but all felt as though her Majesty would just go on forever.