People on Twitter have started a new trend for dipping pizza into milk and it’s disgusting

Liz Connor
Pizza and milk: just, no: Shutterstock / Narith Thongphasuk

Pizza toppings are a divisive subject. Whole friendships can be destroyed by the mere suggestion of ordering a 12” Hawaiian with juicy chunks of pineapple scattered on the top.

But there is one thing most people can agree on - milk, in any iteration, will never be a delicious accompaniment to this iconic dish.

Despite this universal truth, one Twitter user decided to defy the unspoken rules of pizza, sparking outrage after she uploaded a picture of herself dipping her pepperoni pizza into a cold glass of milk.

Yes, that’s right. Dipping her pizza into milk.

The stomach-churning scene was accompanied by the caption “Pizza + milk is WAYYY better than pineapple pizza. This s*** bomb af” in a tweet posted by @hyrulecitizen.

Luckily, sensible people everywhere came out to express their outrage and disgust over this culinary abomination.

“Pizza is cancelled for the rest of the year since y'all don't know how to behave”, said one tweeter.

“Pizza & Milk? Everyday we stray further away from God's light”, added another.

But despite sparking mass outrage, @hyrulecitizen would not back down without a fight.

The tweeter went on to further ruffle feathers by sharing a photo of three more slices of pizza, ready to be dunked into a waiting glass of milk.

“I only got 3 slices left”, she teased. “Anyone wanna try some?”

Needless to say, the boldly experimental move didn’t attract many takers.

Pizza is and milk is something we simply didn’t need to see - let's hope this appalling trend goes away soon.

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