People urged not to swim at two Lancashire beaches due to 'poor' water quality

Lancashire beaches have been branded 'poor'
-Credit: (Image: James Maloney/Lancs Live)

People have been urged not to swim in two Lancashire beaches this weekend, as they're hit with 'poor water quality' warnings.

The two beaches, St Annes North and Blackpool North, have been branded as no swim areas, with visitors told "bathing is not advised". They've also been classified with 'poor' water quality - the lowest classification bathing water can have, LancsLive reports.

Earlier this year, UK travel site Holiday Park Guru found that the two beaches are part of a 13-strong list of the dirtiest beaches in England. As part of their Brown Flag Awards, they've listed beaches rated 'poor' because of their levels of bacteria, such as e-coli from sewage and other waste.

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According to their ratings, Lancashire came bottom of the county league table with none of the ten bathing spots achieving 'excellent' cleanliness ratings. In the list, Blackpool North came fifth and St Annes North followed in sixth place.

In St Annes North, samples will be taken weekly from May 1 until September 30, with the most recent taken on May 23 at 11.40am, according to the Environment Agency's website. The same goes for Blackpool North, with swimmers also advised not to bathe in those waters.

The latest sample there was taken on May 16 at 11.10am, also given a 'poor' rating'. This is a far cry from the 2019 classification given to Blackpool North, where it was branded 'good' - the second highest rating.

Holiday Park's website reads: "The water quality readings are based on readings taken in the warmer months (i.e. May 15th to September 30th). The sea is less likely to be clean in winter, as it rains more which leads to more unpleasant stuff overflowing into rivers and into the sea."